SVG 88XX track

SVG system with Nettrack recipe management software.

One of many systems in stock ready to ship.

Ready for crating after testing.

SVG system being refurbished.

Given the popularity of the SVG photoresist track, LTN Semiconductor expanded its offerings to meet the demand for repair services and module upgrades for SVG 81, SVG 86 and SVG 88 series tools. These LTN Semiconductor SVG products include improved spin cups, drain systems, hot plates, sensor systems and other enhancements for these belted-carriage systems. In fact, LTN Semiconductor refurbishes the complete SVG 86 and SVG 88 series tools.


LTN Semiconductor SVG systems are completely improved (enhanced), affordable tracks of the workhorse 86 and 88 style SVG design. LTN Semiconductor has upgraded the performance of these workhorses with its advanced spin and bake modules as well as computer control.


Capable of processing round and square wafers ranging in size from 2” to 200mm, it features robotic wafer handling, PC-based graphical user programming, touch screen control and optional barcode input.


Nettrack recipe management software eliminates recipe errors, provides wafer/lot tracking and many features only found on LTN Semiconductor systems. Our modules yield better-than-original process uniformity. For critical processes, LTN Semiconductor SVG tools are an economical alternative for tomorrows demanding specifications.


Today you can find LTN Semiconductor in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The company maintains its headquarters and factory in San Jose, California. LTN Semiconductor products and services are sold directly and through a network of representatives in North America, Europe and the Far East.